Isedio – floor joint solutions for industrial concrete flooring

ISEDIO is an independently owned company that specialise in superior floor joint solutions for industrial concrete flooring. ISEDIO innovative products have been specified on a wide range of projects around the world and are fast becoming the preferred choice for contractors and engineers.



ARMOURJOINT® is a leave-in-place formwork and load transfer system designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of today’s industrial concrete floors.

It provides heavy-duty reinforcement to slab panel edges by way of two solid, high specification, cold drawn steel sections each nominally 10mm thick x 40mm deep.

ARMOURJOINT® also features a unique, Asymmetrical Plate Dowel design for superior load transfer, while the sleeves are designed to facilitate a class leading +/-20mm of longitudinal movement along the joint and 30mm maximum joint opening.

ARMOURJOINT® surpasses the requirements of TR34 4th Edition.


SHIELDJOINT® is an innovative, leave-in-place, zero impact, sealant-free joint system.

Unlike traditional joint systems, SHIELDJOINT® has Asymmetric Top Plates, which feature a specific trapezoidal split line. These have been designed with a wave length suitable for the narrowest of material handling equipment wheel widths, so the wheels are always in contact with
both halves of the top plates.

This innovation eliminates the need for costly sealant and reduces expensive facility down time otherwise required for joint sealant repairs or ongoing re-sealing.

SHIELDJOINT® surpasses the requirements of TR34 4th Edition.


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