do you have an idea?

scrumieraFinally, the beautiful part of all things … the creation. Obviously, we few individuals are quantitatively and qualitatively far from the creative act of the masses. Therefore, we like to be and let us breathe any idea. We cannot promise that we will materialize all of them, but we are open to them. Whether good or bad, one stated opinion is worth ten times more than an inwardly one. So, please do not spare us and throw them at us.

recent projects


  • flooring
  • baseboards and tiles for walls
  • countertops
  • windowsills
  • lamps
  • paintings
  • sculptures
  • sinks
  • and all your ideas


We are constantly looking for partners. If you activate in the field of architecture, interior and exterior design, custom furniture production, stone, granite, marble or decorative concrete processing etc., do not hesitate to contact us.



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